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Guided Tour of Gjirokastra - part 1

A tour of Caster Argjiro in Gjirokastra where the city gets its name from. Legend has it Argjiro, who was the queen of the castle, jumped off one of the walls holding her baby boy to avoid being captured by the Turks who invaded the castle. She jumps to the death killing both her and her child. To this day the place where she jumped leaks water. Legend has it, its Argjiro's tears for the boy.

Guided Tour of Gjirokastra - part 2

The Stone City of Gjirokastra, Albania

The stone houses of Gjirokastra are unique not only in Albania but throughout the world. These defensively designed homes were built in the 19th century. The lower rooms held storage and animals and above were two to three additional levels. Even though these stone houses are protected, they are at risk from collapse, neglect, fire and illegal building in the district.

It's the grey stone and slate that makes them so picturesque.At one time the entire population of Gjirokastra lived within the walls until no more people could fit inside. The old bazaar section had a medersa, mosques and shops filled with absolutely nothing to buy unless you were interested in a coffee mug with Dictator Enver Hoxha on it.